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Construct 3 Project Merger (C3PM)

Construct 3 Project Merger is a tool that makes possible merging two differents Construct 3 projects into one · By Relixes


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C3PM updated to v1.0.4
Bug fix: - Merging projects with the option "Overwrite repeated files" would unintentionally keep the projects from the main project instead of the secondary pr...
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C3PM updated to v1.0.3 - Bug fixes
Bug fix: - Fixed a bug that made the "Overwrite repeated files" options work incorrectly leading to corrupted projects...
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C3PM updated to v1.0.2
Buf fix: - Fixed a bug that would create various not desired subfolders for merged objects New feature: - Added a option to disable c3 folders for merged files...
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C3PM updated to v1.0.1 - Added support to projects with object containers
This is just a small update to support merging projects that uses containers...
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C3PM is now Construct 3 Project Merger! New v1.0.0 now available!
I'm very pleased to announce that C3PM v1.0.0 is finally out! There are some new changes that comes with this version, the first thing that you may notice is th...
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C3PM updated to v0.3.1 - Now possible to use single global object for packs
New feature: Now it's possible to use single global isntace plugins (Ex: Browser, Keyboard, Gamepad, Sound, etc...) inside packs. This will be usefull for creat...
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C3PM updated to v0.3 - New user interface and some bug fixes
So I finally got a nice and simple user interface going. There's also some new bug fixes that will prevent projects being corrupted after importing multiple pac...
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C3PM v0.2
Fixed a bug where a project would corrupt after importing more than one pack Now it's possible to import pack into c3 folder projects. For this, select the 'pro...
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These are some important things and pratices to be aware of when creating template projects that will be merged using C...
started by Relixes May 08, 2020
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